#14: Tips for Helping Your Teen Navigate the Journey to Adulthood with Emily Powell

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Remembering your life as a teen vs parenting a teen can feel VERY different. In this week’s Brief Transitions Podcast Episode we explore the troubles facing teens nowadays and how to best support them with teen and young adult Therapist, Emily Powell.

Emily gives insight into the minds of teens and their common struggles along with signs that we as caregivers can look out for, and tips to support them.

Whether you are raising a teen or a child of any age, Emily’s tips offer ways to have better communication and a stronger understanding of your child.  If you are looking for ways to better guide them through their challenges, this episode is for you.

“...the conflicts with parents, how big & important everything in my life seemed at that time, little conflicts with friends and relationships took up a lot of power in my mind as a teen, and being able to relate to that feels important”

Emily Powell is a Counseling and Mental Health program graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. She started her own private practice in 2022 and loves being able to serve the community in meaningful, ethical, and intentional ways. She works with older teens and young adults, specializing in relational challenges, gender and sexuality exploration, and depression/anxiety.

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