General Information

These undies are the real deal. Stretchy and comfortable to get you through an uncomfortable recovery situation.

Yes! We encourage you to be the best friend that you can be and that means giving the gift of the mesh underwear to help a new mom out.

Of course! We recommend Brief Transitions™ mesh underwear after surgeries (i.e. hysterectomies or laparoscopic procedures), while traveling, and just for general life as you see fit.

Moms (and Moms to Be) are in a hurry. We get it. Brief Transitions mesh underwear are currently sold online via our online store or on Amazon. 

Sizing & Color Options

Brief Transitions™ mesh underwear come in two comfortable sizes. They are stretchy and have the following approximate measurements: 


Waistband Stretches 13” to 35”

Leg Opening Stretches 7” to 18”



Waistband Stretches 14” to 39”

Leg Opening Stretches 7.5” to 19.5”

Yes they will! These mesh underwear are stretchy and fit to most body sizes/types.

These mesh underwear are stretchy so they fit most body sizes/types. If you are between sizes, it is recommended that you choose the larger size for the best fit.

Brief Transitions mesh underwear are currently available in black and white.

Care & Wash Instructions

Every pair of our mesh undies are washable and reusable up to 4-6 times. If you don’t like the idea of washing and reusing them feel free to keep a little more in stock to make your days of recovery a little easier.

Cleaning instructions: Wash 140°F (60°C), Air Dry. Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean.


If you decide that these mesh underwear aren’t saving your life,
that’s ok. Initiate your refund within 30 days via Amazon and you will be refunded directly. If you purchased the underwear on our site simply email hello@brieftransitions.com with your order information and we will issue a refund.

Yes we do. Simply email us at hello@brieftransitions.com to process the return.


We do sometimes work with select partners for wholesale opportunities and are open to participating in exclusive events.
Contact us for more information at hello@brieftransitions.com

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador please email us at hello@brieftransitions.com.

Our mesh underwear helps with recovery

Award Winning Comfort

Made from a fabric that is stretchy, light, airy and breathable. The best part – they don’t have an elastic waist band that puts pressure on your midsection or the C-section incision line.

Full coverage

Brief Transitions™ are the perfect size for keeping large pads securely in place — not to mention the ice packs that are often used with them.  

Washable & Disposable

Brief Transitions™ are mesh underwear typically used after childbirth (for both vaginal and C-section deliveries) and are designed to be short term, yet reusable.