The Most Comfortable Mesh Panties You'll Ever Wear


Washable & Disposable

Brief Transitions™ are mesh underwear typically used after childbirth (for both vaginal and C-section deliveries) and are designed to be short-term, yet reusable.

Award winning comfort

Our mesh underwear utilizes a fabric that is stretchy, light, airy and breathable.  The best part – they don’t have an elastic waist band that puts pressure on your midsection or the C-section incision line.

Full Coverage

The size of your underwear after childbirth is very important.  Brief Transitions™ are the perfect size for keeping large pads securely in place — not to mention the ice packs that are often used.  

Perfect Post Surgery

Surgeries that leave you with bandages, wraps and a sore midsection can benefit from these mesh underwear to avoid pressure on your healing body.

Postpartum Home Recovery

Be prepared for your recovery at home. Brief Transitions™ are perfect to have ready and waiting for your return home with your baby.

Two Colors

They come in black, which hides the mess (i.e. leaking – so be sure to wear a pad!) more than the standard white undies. Don’t wreck your nice underwear!

Fulfills a Need

Honestly, this underwear won’t be the most glamorous thing in your underwear drawer (and certainly not the sexiest), but they are purposeful and your body will thank you.  

Great Gift Idea

If you have a pregnant friend, be sure to share the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth with her. Better yet, get her a pack of mesh underwear – she’ll thank you later!

Perfect for Travel

If you are on the go and want underwear that you can dispose of after you finish using them (less to carry!) then these mesh underwear are for you!