The Story Behind

Brief Transitions

Who is Brief Transitions for?

Brief Transitions is for any woman recovering from childbirth or surgery. Their light, soft, stretchy and breathable design helps you feel comfortable and supported during your recovery.

The story behind Brief Transitions

A lot of women can likely relate to a long and exhausting childbirth experience. After being in labor for 20+ hours I ended up having a C-section for medical reasons. I was extremely sore from my incision and it hurt to have any kind of regular underwear covering my incision area. My hospital gave me mesh underwear to use for recovery so that I didn’t have pressure on my incision area.

What Women Need

I tried to find more to buy for my recovery at home, but with no luck. My mom went to the store and bought me granny panties that I had to cut at the waistline so the elastic wouldn’t bother my incision too much. I thought, “This is not okay! Women deserve to have the products we need for our recovery.” Brief Transitions was born to fulfill this need.

Why Use Brief Transitions?

There are few things that are truly essential after childbirth – mesh underwear is one of those things (regardless of whether you have a C-section or not). After giving so many of my friends the same advice that my friend gave me, I wanted to make mesh underwear more available to women everywhere. For women having home births, for women whose hospitals don’t provide mesh underwear and for women like myself – who just wanted my supply to last longer.

Women Supporting Women

Motherhood has been the hardest and best part of my life. It also made me passionate about speaking out to ensure other women don’t feel alone during their first moments as a new mother. I like to think that I’m helping to break the stigma that goes along with struggling moms and opening the dialogue to help each other.