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Women make up over half the population and yet are incredibly under-served when it comes to their own health and recovery needs. Brief Transitions is on a mission to create and provide the most comfortable recovery products for women everywhere. Join us on our journey to support women globally.

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So, you're about to have a baby, but haven't heard of

Mesh Underwear?

Well, our women's mesh underwear will make you almost as happy as the baby you’re about to meet. At Brief Transitions™, we’re all about inspiring women to talk about the things that never get talked about, such as the purpose of postpartum mesh underwear.

Let’s be honest about what generally happens after birth (TMI alert!). The female body will leak and bleed for days (at least!). You need a squirt bottle filled with warm water to wash your privates and your body aches from delivering a human being into the world. You also need postpartum mesh underwear to hold everything together (and not put pressure on your incision if you had a C-section).

I had a tough time as a new mom. It was a shock to my system and the lack of sleep mixed with changing hormones didn’t help. At Brief Transitions™ our goal is to inspire women to be more confident to talk about all parts of childbirth and motherhood – the joys and the struggles because #lifeismeshy. Welcome to our site - we hope you find a community of supermoms to celebrate with.

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What customers have to say about their postpartum underwear

I Love Brief Transitions!

The material is soft, light and airy, and they fit like a dream – hugging your hot postpartum bod in a lightly supportive way, without being even remotely tight or restrictive.

-Abbey D, Texas

Must-have after childbirth

Almost 3 week postpartum. This is it. Maternity undies. Pads the size of my forearm. You guys are amazing!!! I am living in these PP undies! And the black matches my nursing bras AND my pumping bras. Talk about sexy!  Haha

-Jessie M, New Jersey

Brief Transitions are Essential!

After pushing a baby out, there’s not much that feels comfortable. But these do. I never want to take them off. These are the things moms really need and make for excellent baby shower gifts.

- Kristin S, New York