#30: Divorce: Planning, Preparation, and Parenting with Ashley Manzi

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This week we’re talking all about divorce with family lawyer and dear friend, Ashley Manzi of MELD Law. 
Ashley covers all of the basics around navigating divorce:
  • When you need a lawyer
  • How to find the right lawyer for your needs
  • What to expect at your initial consultation
  • When you need to go into detail about family members, financials, assets, etc during the divorce process
Even though navigating divorce can be stressful and difficult, potentially making you feel like you want to bury your head in the sand, this episode is full of practical information to help ease your overwhelm. Preparation is key to navigating any challenging situation as smoothly as possible, and divorce is no exception. 
About Ashley
Ashley Manzi is an experienced family law attorney and a founding partner of Manzi Epstein Lomurro & DeCataldo Divorce and Family Law in New Jersey.  Ashley’s practice areas include prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody, child support and post judgment matters. Ashley also has two children, and she most recently wrote a book, titled Balance is Bullsh*t, describing her life as a working mom and how she manages balancing it all.
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