#24: How to Change Your Money Mindset with Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

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This week on the podcast I’m speaking with Ashley Feinstein Gerstley about money mindset. Money can be a loaded topic. We usually have lots of feelings and complicated emotions tied to money whether it’s from childhood or specific financial situations. Either way, Ashley is here to help us through!
Ashley explains how and why to evaluate your money beliefs as a way to be more empowered when working with your finances. She also breaks down specific examples when you may need to evaluate your finances in times of change including changing jobs, taking parental leave, planning for retirement, and more. 
Ashley Feinstein Gerstley is a personal finance expert, speaker, and the author of Financial Adulting and The 30-Day Money Cleanse. She founded The Fiscal Femme, a feminist money platform and has helped thousands of people feel financially confident, achieve major financial goals, and destress their relationships with money.
She has appeared on or been quoted in The Financial Times, the TODAY Show, CNBC, Forbes, NBC, Glamour and the The New York Times.
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