COUNTDOWN TO BABY: Hospital Bag Checklist and essential to pack

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Expecting Mamas – wondering what to pack in your hospital bag? Look no further than our Baby Hospital Bag Checklist. We’ve put together our favorite hospital bag essentials so you’ll be prepared to welcome your little one.

Childbirth is incredible and amazing, but it can also seem overwhelming. Growing and delivering a human being is an experience like no other.  What we’ve noticed though, is that most people forget to mention the less glamorous, but very REAL parts of childbirth. Our Hospital Bag Checklist covers the essentials and comfort basics, along with some nice-to-haves for your postpartum recovery after labor and delivery.

Below are items that we like to consider comfort basics.

  • Lip balm – a little happiness for your dry, chapped lips
  • Flip flops or comfy socks – for walking around the hospital room and hallways
  • Nightgown – even better if it has a nursing bra built in especially if you want to try breastfeeding
  • Nursing top and maternity leggings or pajama pants – yes, you’ll still need maternity clothes post birth
  • Large water bottle with a straw – it’s important to drink a lot and often. the straw provides extra convenience in case you're multitasking (think: breastfeeding and drinking)
  • Toiletries kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and a hairbrush
  • Outfit for bringing baby home – if it is winter be sure to pack blankets or a jacket as well
  • Cell Phone fully charged with your favorite music – labor can be long so it is nice to have some comfort music
  • Phone chargers – bring phone chargers, backup batteries, whatever you might need to keep your electronics in working order. You won’t want to miss a photo op of the baby!

The hospital may give you some of these postpartum recovery items, but we’ve heard from a lot of women and hospital supplies vary quite a bit. It is better to be prepared – plus, you’ll definitely need these things when you return home so be sure to stock up!

  • Breast pads – Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, chances are you’ll have some milk coming in and will be a leaky mess. The hospital may give you some, but if you like to be prepared you might want to have some on hand. Medela makes nice disposable ones.
  • Nipple Cream – this works wonders to keep your nipples from getting to cracked (and hopefully prevents bleeding). Lovely, isn’t it? I used the Lansinoh nipple cream.
  • Witch Hazel Pads – helps with those pesky and painful hemorrhoids
  • Brief TransitionsTM Disposable Postpartum Mesh Underwear – of course, these have to get a mention. Stretchy, comfortable and life-altering (for me at least) during recovery. Your hospital might give you some (of varying quality) so be sure to pick up more from yours truly! 
  • Squirt Bottle – The squirt bottle will be used to clean all of your privates. Yes, you will be leaking and bleeding and all that good stuff. Warm water in your squirt bottle will make you feel better – not as good as your first shower though! Either take yours from the hospital (it will otherwise go in the garbage) or get one to have on hand at home.
  • Extra large, heavy pads – yes, things get ugly after childbirth. Pads will help to collect the mess. You’ll get these at the hospital, but it is important to have some ready and waiting for you at home as well.

The postpartum mesh underwear needs another brief mention.

If you don’t know our story, part of how Brief Transitions came to be is that I ran out of these precious things at home. I couldn’t find any to purchase and I would have given my right arm to be able to buy some (not my baby though, don’t worry).  I ended up buying granny panties and cut the elastic so I wouldn’t have too much pressure on my incision. Now, some women wear them for a short time and are ok with that, but I wore them until they wore out or got too gross and I had no other choice but to throw them away. After I had my daughter I wanted to be able to provide these essential postpartum mesh underwear to other new moms. On a road to recovery, it is the small things that get you through and that is what the mesh undies mean to me.

So if you aren’t pregnant right now, but your BFF is and you want to be an incredible friend – get her some of these undies – STAT! You might even win the best/most unique gift at her shower! 😉

Did you pack your hospital bag yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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