Rave Reviews

Read what our wonderful customers have to say about Brief Transitions™. 

Shannon Loves Brief Transitions™ After C-Section

"I love Brief Transitions. The elastic waist avoided putting pressure on my incision after having a C-section."

- Shannon, New Jersey

Courtney raves about the comfort of Brief Transitions™

"After speaking with experienced moms on what I would need after my delivery, I heard about Brief Transitions.  I decided to order the mesh underwear for my postpartum recovery as they fit the description of what other women found useful after birth.  They were so reasonably priced that I figured I would take a chance on them and order a few packs.  They wound up being perfect for my C-section recovery. I wore them for weeks following my delivery.  Not only were they comfortable, but they covered my incision nicely. Although they are disposable, they wash fine as well.  I would highly recommend this underwear.  They are a must have for a new mom's recovery."

- Courtney, New York

Kristin Says Brief Transitions™ are Essential!

"These panties were essential for my recovery. A definite must-have and a great gift for any expectant mom!"

- Kristin, New York

Kelly says "A Must Have For Hospital Bag"

"Thank you Brief Transitions™ for giving me the protection and comfort I needed after having my baby! As a second-time mom I was much more prepared and aware this time around. These panties gave me the support I needed, and they were both breathable and stretchable.  These post-partum panties are a must have for all hospital bags."

- Kelly, New Jersey

Raving about Brief Transitions™

"These are an absolute must after childbirth!"

- Lara G, New Jersey