#22: Easy Meditation Practices for Every Day Life with Elizabeth Guilbeault

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This week on the podcast I’m speaking with Elizabeth Guilbeault about meditation and mindfulness - how we can incorporate it into our daily lives, ways to make it feel less overwhelming and more enjoyable, and so much more. 
I have personally felt a push / pull relationship with meditation in my life and I love how Elizabeth breaks down ways to really keep things simple and manageable for wherever you are in your journey. 
Elizabeth Guilbeault is the founder and creator of Every Day Energy with Elizabeth. She has studied meditation and yoga for over 15 years and loves to teach techniques to make meditation part of daily life. She works with school systems and organizations to bring meditation and mindfulness techniques to students, teachers, and employees through wellness programs and workshops. A healer at heart, she loves to create the space for others to connect to their energy, to find their joy, to discover their sense of peace and calm, and have their answers. 
Elizabeth’s background includes a MA in Human Services, an MBA in Finance, and a BA in Spanish. She is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from The Temple of Kriya Yoga and studied meditation and energy work at Invision, both in Chicago, IL.
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