#19: The Struggle of Overthinking and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Posted by Mary Clavieres on

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In this week's episode, I explore the mindset of overthinking. Typically, we keep spinning our wheels and overthinking as a way to keep us safe. As a recovering overthinker, I’m diving into how to turn this around, reframe your negative thoughts and work with it to your advantage.


Covering the why and how of overthinking, you will get guidance on the outlook & mindset to manage overthinking on a daily basis. Tune in to discover how to break free from overthinking and unleash your full potential!


“Instead of saying I’m an overthinker, and keeping myself in that pattern of overthinking, I say, I can see all the sides of this situation, I know what the pros and cons are, and based off of everything I’ve seen, now I can make a decision.”


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