#17: How to Make a Career Change That Aligns with Your Purpose with Belma McCaffrey

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In this week’s incredible episode I talk with Belma McCaffrey, a holistic Career Coach and Founder of Work Bigger. We talk about how to find your purpose in your career, the pitfalls a lot of people face, and techniques to get through them.

We really dive into the practical & tangible things you can do to help with your mindset while trying to figure out what you’re meant to be doing, along with physical things that can help you too.

Belma is a wealth of knowledge, and shares how her childhood and upbringing helped her be where she is today. I can’t wait for you to listen and gain so much insight & power from Belma’s words!

“I know there's a lot of job seekers out there and people who are wanting to make a transition, and the advice they’re getting is all about their resumes and cover letters and the job search strategy. But what is underneath that? 

I think if we can infuse more intention and purpose, then it makes the job search, that career transition, so much more powerful. That sense of connection and fulfillment, you don’t get that from the job, you get that from the sense of purpose that you connect with.”

Belma McCaffrey is the CEO and Founder of Work Bigger, a career coaching platform for high achievers, combining deep mindset work with career planning to help you find your Career purpose. 

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