#16: Spring Cleaning: 3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Posted by Mary Clavieres on

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Do you feel things are weighing you down? Maybe it’s trying to juggle career and parenting schedules or maybe it’s thinking about summer camp and vacation plans. Whatever it is, you may always be on the go and find your schedule managing you, instead of the other way around. So, how can that be changed?

This week I share 3 ways that you can simplify your life right now. Release some of that mental (or physical!) clutter to start spring with more ease and less overwhelm. 

“We tend to overcomplicate things all the time and I am in front of that line. I overcomplicate all the time. I overthink.. it's something that I'm working on. So I can say from firsthand experience, that it doesn't need to be that way. And the way that we can make that change is to focus on simplifying, when you simplify and clear things up, you get rid of that clutter in the mind or in the physical realm with the things around you and you free up space”


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