Pelvic Floor Recovery & The Paula Method with Michal Mehler, founder of Graceful Ease

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In this edition of the Mommin' It Business Series, I’m speaking with Michal Mehler, founder of Graceful Easewhich helps women with Pelvic Floor Recovery. Michal is a certified teacher of the Paula Method as well as a teacher of childbirth education and postpartum classes for expecting and new moms.

I first heard about Michal and Graceful Ease from a friend of mine. She had a baby recently and told me how much Michal was able to help her with Pelvic Floor Recovery work during her postpartum days. I hadn’t heard of the Paula Method before and turns out it’s pretty well known in other parts of the world. Michal explains, “The Paula Method is holistic in its approach, efficiently treating a wide range of ailments and helping with a variety of physical symptoms and challenging conditions. Different issues are usually treated simultaneously as they tend to be related or connected to each other.” 

Graceful Ease treats a variety of common ailments related to digestion, urinary tract, the reproductive system, pregnancy, childbirth and more.  I love what Michal is doing to support women from pregnancy, through childbirth and during postpartum recovery. Let's get started with the interview!


Tell us about yourself and your business. 

I'm a mother, wife, and certified teacher of the Paula Method (CTPM) and a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (LMT). I work in the NY-NJ metropolitan area with women, children and men to help them heal and regain their well-being through a gentle and mindful approach to their bodies and needs.


What does your business do? How do you help expecting or new moms?

I teach childbirth education classes, postpartum classes, and individual sessions.  

My prenatal work focuses on women achieving a quick and easy natural birth. I teach simple exercises women can use during childbirth to assist the natural flow of the body while avoiding unnecessary injuries.

In postpartum we honor the body after the hard work it has done. We learn what to avoid and how to protect the body while it regains its strength and abilities. I teach gentle exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. My work is non invasive, and highly effective in healing injuries like incontinence, prolapses, and separation of the abdominal muscles.  


Why did you start your business? 

I started my business because I wanted to work with new and expecting mothers. Birthing and caring for my baby was an amazing period of my life. I wanted to stay connected to this time of life by supporting and helping other women find the same joy I had.


What advice would you give to expecting or new moms?

It's ok to not enjoy every moment, this stuff is hard. But try to soak in those beautiful moments as much as you can. Because everything in life is only for now - both the beauty and the struggles.


How has motherhood changed you (if at all)?

Motherhood has made me a more patient person. It's made me more kind and less judgmental. It's made my relationship with my husband even more of a partnership. It also changed my entire career! I left my 15+ year career as a nonprofit professional to work with new moms.


Find Graceful Ease here:


Contact Michal at: 

Phone: (973) 996-8144


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