The Best Things About Postpartum Mesh Underwear

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If you haven’t been following one of our favorite new moms, Amy Schumer, you may have missed her Instagram post this summer where she shared the realities of postpartum life, which included her pushing a stroller wearing nothing but a bra and postpartum mesh underwear! 

We applaud Amy for sharing the struggles and recovery process post-baby that are often not shown. We’re even more excited that she highlighted the greatness that is mesh underwear - something that doesn’t really make the news too often, but something we clearly stand behind! 

There are MANY reasons why we love our Postpartum Mesh Underwear - and why they are a MUST in any hospital bag for giving birth to your new baby! 

They make the healing process SO MUCH BETTER!

Brief Transitions are stretchy and breathable. Since they go up and over the C-section incision area, they don’t put pressure on your sensitive midsection (I had to cut my granny panties at the elastic waistband when I ran out of mesh underwear. You can read more about that story and how Brief Transitions came to be here). 

You can reuse them!

Brief Transitions is typically used after childbirth are designed to be short term, but you CAN reuse these! We recommend that you warm wash these, don’t use bleach and air dry for the best care and to last you longer! 

They come in black! 

We know all the messes that can come along with postpartum healing, so that’s why we’ve offer Brief Transitions in two colors, white and black. I like to think the black underwear feel a little more normal (and a little less medical seeming) than the white, but to each her own - we’ve got you covered with both!

They are comfortable! 

Recovering at home? Strolling the aisles of Target? Wherever you go these underwear are super stretchy and soft to allow for maximum comfort. We’ve been told women love wearing them for weeks (and sometimes months!) after childbirth. 

Amy isn’t the only celebrity mom who isn’t afraid to share photos of their post-pregnancy, new baby world either! Chrissy Teigen has been very vocal about her recovery process after her son, Milo, was born. More recently, Snooki posted about all of the postpartum supplies you need after her third child was born. 

We’ve even had our very own customers share their photos wearing Brief Transitions. We love this pic of Jessie from TwentyTwoAndDue sporting Brief Transitions while pumping! 

Let’s keep rockin’ the undies and keep having the postpartum recovery conversations! 

Have you heard about mesh underwear or tried Brief Transitions? Let us know in the comments below!

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