Mesh Underwear

Beat Postpartum Blues With These Must-Knows About Natural and C-Section Delivery

We don’t want life to catch you off guard (or worse, in a state of panic), so allow us to break down the differences between natural and C-section delivery in terms of procedure and recovery. As a bonus, we also threw in handy tips to help you get back to your feet faster and easier.

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Brief Transitions Disposable Postpartum Mesh Underwear #whatamesh

Announcing our new packaging for Brief Transitions Disposable Postpartum Mesh Underwear and the #WhatAMesh campaign! 
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The Best Things About Disposable Postpartum Underwear

If you haven’t been following one of our favorite new moms, Amy Schumer, you may have missed her Instagram post this summer where she shared the realities of postpartum life, which included her pushing a stroller wearing nothing but a bra and postpartum mesh underwear! 

We applaud Amy for sharing the struggles and recovery process post-baby that are often not shown. We’re even more excited that she highlighted the greatness that is mesh underwear - something that doesn’t really make the news too often, but something we clearly stand behind! 

There are MANY reasons why we love our Postpartum Mesh Underwear - and why they are a MUST in any hospital bag for giving birth to your new baby! 

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Maternity, Working Mothers and how Postpartum Underwear is Changing My Life

When I found out that I was pregnant, each phase brought new joys as well as challenges and believe it or not one of these joys was postpartum underwear. After my daughter was born, going back to work was one of those challenging times. For any working mothers out there, I hope you can relate to this new blog series: Working Moms.
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