Exclusively Pumping with Sandy Green of Taking Care of Mama

Taking Care of Mama provides training and resources for exclusively pumping moms. Pumping can seem overwhelming and is usually exhausting. Learn from Sandy Green as she shares her pumping tips.
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Lactation Cookies for Breastfeeding Moms with Whitney Williams Rowell, Founder of Miracle Milkookies

Miracle Milkookies provides breastfeeding moms with delicious lactation cookies to help boost their milk supply. Miracle Milkookies are baked fresh weekly and delivered right to your door. How awesome is that? As a mom, convenience is definitely key!
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Breast Pumping At Work interview with Abbey Donnell, founder of Work & Mother

Today I’m speaking with Abbey Donnell, founder of Work & Mother, about pumping breast milk at work. Work & Mother provides a network of fully equipped lactation facilities that not only supports working mothers but makes it easy for employers to be in compliance with FLSA regulations. Pumping breast milk at work can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

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Nursing Bras for the Modern Mom - Interview with AVYN co-founder Lauren Woodworth

This week's Mommin' It Business Series interview is with Lauren Woodworth, co-founder of AVYN nursing bras. AVYN is a nursing bra company that carries nursing bras designed for comfort, support, and your taste.
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5 Top Tips For Pumping Breast Milk at Work

On the blog today, are 5 top tips for pumping breast milk at work. Going back to work after having a baby can be a pretty crazy and stressful time for new moms. Add breastfeeding and pumping to the mix and it makes it even crazier. We're breaking down our top tips for pumping breast milk at work so you can be prepared for a smooth transition when you go back to work.
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