Starting A Postpartum Underwear Brand - Starter Story Feature

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Do your goals of entrepreneurship seem like they’re out of reach? We’ve all felt that way at times which is why I was so excited to be featured on Starter Story. In my interview with Pat Walls, we discuss how I started Brief Transitions and why. I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about entrepreneurship and why I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’d love for you to read the full interview here. I also talk about: 

  • How I went from an idea to a product
  • How my business has grown along the way
  • Tips and tricks to push through the hard times

There are few things that are truly essential after childbirth – mesh underwear is one of those things. That is why I wanted to make mesh underwear more available to women everywhere. For women having home births, for women whose hospitals don’t provide mesh underwear, and for women like myself – who just wanted my supply to last longer. 

If you’re ready to try them, use the Coupon Code: Undies 2021 for $2.00 off your purchase. You can redeem your code here.

And, as an extra bonus here’s a guide about ALL the things that everyone else ignores (or kindly forgets to mention) when you have a baby. Click here to read 10 Things I Learned After Giving Birth That No One Tells You!

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