Mom Entrepreneurs - Quick Tips for 2020 to help any Entrepreneur Rock the New Year

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Today I’m writing about my 5 top biz tips for new women entrepreneurs to rock 2020. As I reflect on the past year so many things come to mind – celebrating my younger daughter’s first birthday, starting a business selling postpartum mesh underwear, meeting a network of AMAZING women entrepreneurs and learning a crazy amount of new things. I am so beyond grateful for all of the new experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met!

Along with those projects, this past year was also about family. I spent time working with my dad on launching the WindoShelf for indoor gardening – a vision that he had, designed and executed for years while most people thought he was crazy (even us as times, I’ll admit). I also cheered on my mom as she followed her passion and became the owner of White House Bride. It was definitely a big year!

From all of those experiences I wanted to share my 5 Top Business Tips for New Women Entrepreneurs. Here goes!

  1. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. I believe in this SO strongly. Your open mindedness and willingness to have new experiences makes such a difference in your mental state and the opportunities that come your way. I met SO MANY incredible women in a local mom entrepreneurs group and I am so thankful for that. The journey of Mompreneur entrepreneurship is challenging and will test your strength. The best way to get through those times is to have people around that lift you up.

  2. Don’t Overspend. It is tempting (and necessary at times!) to spend money on your business. There are SO many resources out there – especially for new entrepreneurs. Be mindful of where you spend your money and what you are investing in. It’s easy to lose it all quickly in monthly subscriptions or the latest tools. Decide where you spend your money by asking yourself what you intention is and how this expense will get you to where you want to go. I am continuously critical of how I spend/invest my money and I think that is part of what has allowed me to get to the next level in my business.

  3. Practice Self Care. I feel like there are a lot of buzzwords for entrepreneurs around mindfulness, self-care, etc. They became buzzwords because of realities – fast paced environments, technology always at our fingertips and pressure of keeping up with the Jones’ (perfect Insta pics, anyone?). Whether you're a Mompreneur or not, aking time out and time off from your business is essential. Break away and take a break. Come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Your biz will thank you for it and so will your family.

  4. Plan Your Time. The times that I felt the most lost were the times that I strayed from my plans. It is easy to get lost if you get sidetracked. Getting sidetracked can quickly turn into overwhelm. This isn’t about big picture plans/goals. I’m talking about straying from the daily tasks. Consistency is key so planning out and executing against your plans will keep you on track and moving towards your bigger goals. As the year went on I got better about planning my time. I still get sidetracked – doesn’t everyone?! – but I’m able to identify it earlier and set myself back on track much more quickly than when I first started out.

  5. Keep Learning. Part of running a successful business is being able to grow and change with the times. I was able to grow exponentially this year by leveraging all of the information I consumed. Learning from mentors, coaches, peers, and experts by reading articles, listening to podcasts and attending conferences are all great ways to grow. Finding your favorite way to consume information and fitting it into your schedule will help you stick to your plan and grow at the same time!

With those learnings, I’d like to add a special note to my husband – who probably won’t even read this because he’s not on social media – thank you for all of your support, for believing in me, for calmly dealing with my stressful moments and for being an amazing father to our two girls. Without you, I would not be where I am today. May we have many more years on this crazy journey together.

Happy New Year, Friends! Here’s to a great New Year

Have a top biz tip from the last year that you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments!


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