Nursing Bras for the Modern Mom - Interview with AVYN co-founder Lauren Woodworth

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Today on the Mommin' It Business Series, we’re chatting with Lauren Woodworth, co-founder of AVYN Nursing Bras. AVYN is a nursing bra company that carries nursing bras designed for comfort, support, and your taste. We’re all working in the postpartum space, with Brief Transitions selling disposable postpartum underwear for new moms, and I was so glad they reached out.

I first met Lauren and Chandler online after they heard my interview on the So You Had A Baby podcast with Krista and Nkiru. A couple of months later I was traveling to Portland and had the opportunity to meet them in person! We had so much fun and I always love meeting online friends in person. 

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Group photo in Portland (from left to right): Mary, Krista, Lauren, and Chandler.


Tell us about yourself and your business. 

My business partner Chandler and I were living parallel lives before we joined forces and began AVYN. We were both pregnant and in the middle of a giant home remodel project, scrambling to get it 'done' before our babies arrived within a week of each other. After I had my son and was breastfeeding, I became frustrated with my matronly Nursing Bras and began researching apparel design and manufacturing, often in the middle of the night while nursing my son. I pitched the idea to Chandler and she jumped on board without skipping a beat. After three years of work and dedication, we officially launched AVYN in March 2019.


What does your business do? How do you help expecting or new moms?

AVYN is a maternity bra company specializing in athletic style nursing bras. We created AVYN to support women, particularly moms, as they tackle all the obstacles and challenges motherhood presents without thinking twice about what bra to put on for the day.

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Why did you start your business? 

We started AVYN because after having our own babies we saw a need in the market for an athletic style nursing bra. I didn't feel like myself in the nursing bras I had purchased and I found myself spending too much time changing my clothes and bra for each activity (work, yoga, happy hour, nursing, etc), when I didn't really have extra time to spare. I wanted to see a sophisticated, sporty nursing bra that could be thrown on and make a mom feel confident, strong, and ready for anything.

What advice would you give to expecting or new moms?

Take extra care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for your family.

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How has motherhood changed you (if at all)?

Motherhood has opened my eyes to see the world again through the eyes of a child, full of wonder, simplicity, and excitement. With each age and milestone my son passes through, it is so fun to relive experiences with him and feel the 'newness' of it all again.


Find AVYN here:


Instagram: @avynnation


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